The team

Victor Hung

I am a 5th year computer science student at KTH and will graduate in the summer of 2016. I've always loved playing video games and through that I became interested in the technologies behind the games, which got me into programming. On this project I worked on the game logic and procedurally generating pieces with the help of a shape grammar / context-free grammar.

Adrian Blanco

My name is Adrian and I'm studying my fifth and final year towards my masters degree in Computer Science at KTH. I love Human-Computer Interaction, and have always been interested in learning how Unity could be used for it. On Teamtris I've mostly done work related to graphics, shaders, user interfaces, and interactions.

Emilie Le Moël

I am a French student from Grenoble INP - Ensimag. I am currently an Erasmus exchange student at KTH, on my last year towards my masters degree in Computer Science. I am fascinated with human-computer interaction and computer graphics, and that is why I chose the Advanced Graphics and Interaction course. In this project, I learned a lot about game development, from the engine to the UI and the objects, and worked on some shaders.

Douglas Carlsson

I am in the 5th year of my information- and communication technology studies at KTH. I've played games of all types for as long as I can remember and in time I became interested in developing my own. This project is the first big step towards that goal and I'm not going to stop here. The course has given me a taste of many different parts of game development both from the view of advanced graphics and human-computer interaction.

Mårten Norman

I'm a student in Simulation and Virtual Design, graduating 2016. My passion is advanced interaction between humans and machines. Before KTH, I worked as a System Designer in Telecom Operation and Maintenance. This means I'm used to coordinate complicated projects and deliver reliable machines on time. In this project, I worked on learning the Unity platform while using it in a real project. Learning to answer questions like: How is this implemeted in the architecture? What is the Unity designer's intended ways of doing things? My concrete graphics oriented coding has been physics and particle oriented effects.