The main tech we used was the 3D game engine Unity, together with Wii-motes. The main motivation of Wii-motes was the combination of wireless, suitable for the task and a well known controller that a lot of people recognize. We integrated Wii-motes into Unity by using GlovePIE which is a program which can read bluetooth communication, this was then integrated into unity. Unfortunately this had the side effect of making our Wii-mote inputs available on Windows only.

Tetris is a classic game associated with simple block graphics on old computer screens. We are indeed using a state of art 3D game engine, but we decided to use minimalist graphics together with shaders in order to emulate an old-school retro feel.

CRT Shader

The characteristics and defects of an analog TV screen is a very good excuse for using several shader effects. The characteristic scan lines are due to the image being drawn by an electron beam scanning the screen line by line to light up each pixel. Since the process is both analog and limited in bandwidth, there is noise, jitter and focus issues on the pixels.

The early colour screens were based on NTSC or PAL technology that effectively added a fuzzy low resolution colour layer on top of the legacy black-and-white TV signal. Poor image in other words, but it has to be poor in the right way.